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    Australia C Racetrack

    Our Racebook offers secure online horse betting for Australia C Racetrack daily.
    Racetrack information, active races and results can be found on this page.

    Racetrack Information

    Racing Dates: All Year

    Max per Race Payout: US$ 5,000
    Australia Racetrack

    Graded Races At Australia C

    Sorry, the stake information is currently unavailable.

    About Australia C Racetrack

    Thanks to the great weather Down Under, Australia astonishingly boasts over 360 registered racetracks – an amount unmatched by any other country. (No wonder it’s the third most popular sport there after football and rugby!) These tracks, which are mostly turf, see action all year long, since many horses compete in races rather than train in workouts like in North America.

    If you’re researching the conditions of the turf before a big race, know that Australians have different terminology to describe it. They label hard and dry turf as “fast” while wet turf is called “dead” and muddy and wet conditions are “heavy”. “Slow” describes turf that’s gotten a bit wet by rain and “good” stands for an ideal racing scenario of dry with a bit of give.

    Something else to keep in mind is that thoroughbred racing can be flat – running wire to wire – or over fences and hurdles.

    Since Australia is approximately 15 hours ahead of the Eastern Time Zone, you can find lots of great morning and afternoon races available to get in on the racing action during the daytime. Saturday, like in North America, is the day with the most action, but you can still find plenty of mid-week racing going on too.